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Candidate Pre-Qualification

  • Candidate completes pre-qualification questionnaire

  • An email is sent to passing candidates inviting them to call a franchising representative

  • The franchising representative conducts candidate interview to confirm pre-qualification criteria, and determines if this is a good match for you and for US Pizza Co.

  • Minimum Financial Requirements

    • Net Worth — $1.0M

    • $500K in Assets — $250K maximum for financing & $250K Liquid/Cash

  • Application is sent to passing candidates via email. The following documents are required:

    • Completed Franchise Application and Request For Information and Consideration (RFIC)

    • CPA Opinion Letter to validate PFS

    • Review Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and submit signed receipt

    • Updated Resume

    • No Application Fee

Franchising Interview

  • After reviewing the required documents, the franchising representative will further determine if this is a good match for you and for US Pizza Co.

  • Discuss acquisition opportunities or new restaurant opportunities that may be available in select markets

  • Looking for owner / operator

Transaction Selection

  • Franchising works with candidate to identify appropriate new development opportunity

Operations Interview

  • Interview with the President of Franchising

  • Candidate submits business plan for review and approval

  • Determine training requirements

Transactional Approval

  • Transactional Approval

  • Capitalization Plan

  • Financial Review

Final Approval

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