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About U.S. Pizza Co.



We are in business to sell the world’s best thin crust pizza, salads and sandwiches,  served with a side of our FAMOUS House Dressing, at a profit, in a clean and sanitary environment, to ensure an ever increasing number of satisfied guests.

We will train our employees that the answer is yes, regardless of the question, so that our service will satisfy every guest.

Core Values


1.Family- We are there in good times and bad times for our employee family.

2. Yes- The answer is always yes to our guest!

3. Excellence in food and service.

4. Not only the best of the best in the pizza industry  but in the overall food industry as well.

5. To always be training and teaching and to create new opportunities for our employee family.

6. Philanthropy- We are community leaders in our charity efforts, from the store level to corporate sponsorships to charitable contributions.

7. Comfort – U.S. Pizza Co. is a home away from home for many of our guests.

8. Employees are valued as important parts of our organization.

9. Provide a clean and safe environment for both our employees and guests.

10. To provide a place for all employees to grow, succeed and stay with U.S. Pizza Co. for as long as they want.



U.S. Pizza Franchising, INC. offers U.S. Pizza Company franchises to sell pizza, salads, sandwiches and other food products and beverages.


Every location must have a minimum of 4000 square feet that offers Dine-in, Pickup, Patio and Drive-Thru service. 

The Initial Term is 10 years

Every franchise covers a specific authorized location within a defined protected territory.  

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